Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for purchasing our designs. I hope you enjoy them!

You will find design information in each zipped file, including a color chart, dimensions, and any other pertinent design information. If you have purchased a design set that requires additional information, such as mug rugs, applique, freestanding lace, etc., these instructions will be included in the zipped file in PDF format.

In order to read the PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat reader or another PDF reading program. You can download Adobe Acrobat at no charge from this site: Adobe.com

  • The original copyright of these designs is owned by Songbird’s Designs/SBD Embroidery with all rights reserved.
  • When you purchase or download designs from SBD Embroidery & Quilting, you are granted a single-user license of the files to create stitch-outs with them.
  • The design files are the property of SBD Embroidery & Quilting. The graphic files are owned by the artist that created them. SBD is granted a license to use the graphics to create digitized embroidery files.
  • Digitized embroidery designs are protected under USA Federal Copyright Law & International Treaties.
  • The design files themself, or any part thereof, cannot be sold, duplicated, or shared in any way and are for use by the original purchaser/user only.
  • The user license covers the following:
    • The user may stitch out the designs on finished projects for personal use, gifts or items for sell by the original purchaser only. If the finished project stitch-outs are displayed for sale online or in a physical location (store/craft show, etc.), credit to the digitizer and a link to www.sbdembroidery.com is required.
    • You may not lend, give, or sell the files to anyone else. You may not change, add to, delete parts of, or alter the files in any way and then call them your own.
    • You cannot send them via email or any other method to another embroiderer to split or change in any way and call them yours.
    • You may change the colors and personalize the designs by adding wording, etc.
    • You may use the designs up to 100 times each on items of resale at craft/sewing fairs or to sell in a cottage industry.
    • This license does not cover mass production without additional permissions.
    • Transferring these files to any other person or group is strictly prohibited and illegal.

SBD Embroidery & Quilting may allow you to stitch out the designs in commercial use with a special license which can be purchased. To inquire about this license contact Brenda via the contact form.


Songbird’s Designs/SBD Embroidery & Quilting will not be held liable for any damages of losses incurred as a result of using any of our designs. Because of the nature of electronic media, all sales are final. No refunds are allowed.  Occasionally you may receive a damaged file.  Please contact me directly and the file will gladly be replaced.

For clarification or if you have any questions, please contact me via the Contact page.