Two-Step Quilt

by | Jul 10, 2018 | 11 comments

It’s been a little while since I posted. Unfortunately, it’s been a crazy few weeks! The storms a couple of weeks ago affected both our daughter and us. Their roof was impaled by a tree limb which went through the roof, broke some joists, and into their bathroom ceiling, with rain pouring in! The next morning, my husband and son-in-law were able to patch it so the rain wouldn’t do more damage. The insurance adjustor took ten days to get out there. Then, he took the “fix” off to look at the damage and decided to put up his own “fix” that wasn’t! We had more rain that night and they had three inches of water in their attic with power flickering in the bathroom and bedroom. Scary!! So, David had to re-fix the adjustor’s “fix!” They are still waiting for repairs. Not happy with that insurance company! The day after the initial damage, he was driving home from work and a guy ran a stop sign and they collided. Thankfully, no one was injured. Our problem was not quite so bad. We lost power for about 30 hours and lost a refrigerator full of groceries we had just bought – but thankfully no damage to our house. OK, enough of the bad stuff – now let’s move on to the quilty fun!

I must admit with all of this going on, and last week’s holiday (right smack-dab in the middle of the week!!) it’s been really hard to get into the quilting mood! But, I have managed to get a commissioned quilt I’m working on half finished. I’m calling this the “Troy Quilt!” The pattern is called Two Step Quilt Pattern by Annie’s.  I have made it a bed-size quilt and added embroidery in the center to reflect the school emblem. This is the first half.

Well, that’s what I’m working on! Now, off to start stitching again! I hope you all have a great week!


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  1. Joy McDonald

    What a month it has been for you and your family! No wonder you haven’t had time for quilting… the quilt you are working on is looking great though! Look forward to seeing it finished 🙂 xx

  2. Cheryl Brickey

    Beautiful quilt! I am so sorry about your insurance and the accident. I am glad no one got hurt and hopefully things will be fixed very soon.

  3. Connie K Campbell

    Beautiful quilt Brenda and I am so sorry about what happened to you and your family! That is awful that it took so long for the insurance adjuster to come out and NOT take care of things. I hope everything is better by now.

  4. Dione Gardner-Stephen

    Oh gosh Brenda, what a month! I hope things get sorted easily from here for you and your family. Glad to see you getting some work done in between, it’s lovely so far. xx

  5. Fred

    My, sounds like it’s going to be a huge quilt! Love this pattern, very dramatic colors. I hope your houses issues are going to be fixed soon.

  6. Sandra Walker

    Wow that looks like one huge quilt! How awful for your kids. We tend to take our homes for granted don’t we? Glad that the most important: people, are OK.

  7. Susan

    What a summer this has been for your family! I do hope the insurance company actually fixes the roof correctly, but the adjuster doesn’t inspire confidence, does he? The quilt looks terrific! I hope I’ll see the entire thing when it’s finished.

  8. Susan

    Wow! That is very striking! Is the T going in the middle when finished?

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Susan! Yes, it will be in the center! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

    Beautiful quilt! Someone is really going to love this wonderful memory of their time in school. I think what I love best is its simplicity–two strong colors with the initial in the middle. Very striking, and so classic! Thanks for sharing this on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    • Brenda

      Thanks so much, Jennifer! Thanks for visiting!


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