Monday Musings 5/22/23

by | May 22, 2023 | 11 comments

Welcome friends! I’ll start the day with some thoughts and reflection. Friday, we were invited to our middle school where our granddaughter was receiving, along with a number of other 8th graders, the Presidential Scholarship Award for maintaining all A’s throughout her three years in middle school. She has had a rough year this year and we are so very proud of all of her accomplishments, especially maintaining her grades. She has some wonderful teachers and the principal is awesome!! So we arrived at the auditorium and were waiting for our daughter who had a client in another part of the school before she could walk over to join us. She arrived and we were sitting and chatting, waiting for the ceremony to begin and suddenly we see the emergency lights start flashing and the principal running up the aisle past us and other teachers in the auditorium were closing all the doors. I’m thinking, OK, it’s not a fire or they would be having us exit as we were right by an outside door. An announcement came over the PA system that we were in lock down! So we sat in the dark for about 15 minutes until we got the all clear. A teacher was having a discipline problem, and accidentally hit the “button” on the ID badge that indicates a problem, too many times. Our daughter said that there were different numbers of codes “pushes” for different scenarios. Thankfully, there was no intruder just a rowdy student and a button pressed too many times. My thought process in all of this is that it is sad our world has come to a state where our students and teachers have to deal with something like this. OK. Off my soapbox. Let’s move on to more fun things. Here are some pics of her with the award as well as her dance recital.

Now on to the quilty stuff!

For the week of 5/15 – 5/21/23:

  • Work on June Island Batik project. ✔ DONE Stay tuned!
  • Begin secret sewing for catalog quilt. ✔ DONE Stay tuned! Here are some teasers!

  • Make a house or two hopefully. I’m WAY behind! ✘ NOPE!
  • Whatever else suits my fancy!! Which was nothing!

For the week of 5/22 – 5/28:

  • Continue June IB project.
  • Finish stitching catalog quilt.
  • Maybe start quilting catalog quilt if finished.
  • That’s enough for this week! But if I have time I’ll cut out some houses!

Here is a recap of our quilty friends’ shares from last week. As always if you want to learn more, check last week’s post for the links!

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  1. Sharon Kwilter

    You have lots to do. Good luck on your list.

  2. Susan Nixon

    Thanks, Brenda! I didn’t do a lot last week, because of traveling, but I linked anyway! Congratulations to your granddaughter! I know what a big deal that is. Mine (4th grade) won the president’s academic achievement award and was so thrilled, one of 8 in her school. I’m very proud of her, so I know you are of yours, too, and rightfully so!

  3. Anorina Morris

    Congratulations to your grand daughter. Anyone can get an A at some point, but keeping the A’s – that’s the hard part. What a wonderful achievement.

    I too need to start my June IB project… but first I need to decide what I’ll be doing.

    I cannot imagine what it would be like to be locked down at school. Scary times!

  4. rl2b2017

    Hi Brenda! Oh no. I know I told you we just had a similar incident at our school. It has to be scary as a visitor, not knowing what the flashing lights mean. Our principal announced “Code Red.” In the Board office, I had NO IDEA what that meant but I knew it wasn’t good. Big huge congratulations to your granddaughter!!! What a beautiful young lady she has become. This must mean the end of the school year is very near. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Carol Andrews

    Brenda you definitely have the right to get on a soapbox about the issues the schools, staff and students are dealing with. It is wonderful to see the photos and news of your very beautiful, smart, hardworking, talented granddaughter. How proud you are and justifiable so. Love the peeks at your IB project. Thank you for hosting us and in advance for your linking with To Do Tuesday. ?

  6. Joy

    Congratulations to your granddaughter. She is a beautiful girl.

  7. Kathleen McCormick

    Congratulations to our granddaughter! What a star she is and what a wonderful honor for her and her family. Love your blue project! I have some stashed that one day I will use! Thanks again for hosting MM!

  8. Bonnie in Va

    What a fun series of pictures of your granddaughter. It’s so great to see our friends’ grandkids in action. I agree with you on your soapbox statement. At our rehearsal Friday night several times there were big pops. My first thought was, oh no. Was that gun fire? Luckily someone hit a mike that was really loud and I think a balloon popped also. But talk about startling! Hope you have a successful and fun week ahead of you.

  9. Jocelyn Thurston

    Your granddaughter is beautiful and smart and so talented too. Thank you for sharing delightful photos. Times have certainly changed…when I began teaching these scenarios were never ever thought of; such things happened in police stations/ prisons maybe and the last place would be schools. I wonder what the children are absorbing about their world. But oh so happy this turned out to be just a drill and found out it worked well too.
    But lots of happy quilting there, Brenda.

  10. texasquiltgal

    Your granddaughter is beautiful! Congratulations to her and her accomplishments. And she is only an 8th grader. Glad the emergency turned out to be minor.
    I won’t be posting or linking up this week – taking a “reorganization” vacay – lol! I am still stroking that beautiful batik FQ bundle – so beautiful. 🙂

  11. Preeti Harris

    Congratulations to your granddaughter. Just going to school is an ordeal these days but to win the prestigious scholarship is an absolute honor! I see your flying geese for the June IB project. Those blues are so delicate. “Whatever else suits my fancy!! Which was nothing!” made me laugh. Have a great week, Brenda!


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