Happy Valentine’s Day!

by | Feb 14, 2019 | 2 comments

Hi everyone. I wanted to share my project with you that I did for my grandkids. It might give you an idea for next year or even Easter.

First take a “pop top” can. I looked at several in the store, but the only ones that had a nonrounded bottom (the kind with a “lip” to fit a can opener) were the fruit cocktail cans. It has to have a rounded bottom!

Cut the bottom off the cans open and empty the contents into another container. Wash the cans out and peel the paper covers off. Be sure to leave the pop top in place!!

Next measure the can you are using and cut fabric to cover the can. You could paint them first if you want, but I didn’t have time!! Then cut a piece of fabric to wrap the can. For these cans, I cut fabric 7 x 2.75 inches.

Glue the fabric onto the can where the paper wrapper was. Be sure to watch the orientation if you are using directional fabric!

Fill the cans with goodies and glue the bottom of the cans in place. You can then embellish the outside if you’d like. I made a twisted clay heart and put on Madelyn’s. Dalton and Braden just had that cute super hero fabric!

I wish you could have seen their eyes when they popped the cans open and seeing the goodies inside!! My son-in-law even asked how I did that!! I wish I could take credit for these, but alas, I cannot! I got the idea from the Dukes and Duchesses blog.

I’m thinking larger cans and line them with Peeps, fill them with candy eggs, and put a little grass straw in last before you glue the bottom back on the can for Easter! And Easter isn’t that far away!!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. And on a side note, since today is the “Big 65” birthday for me, I have marked everything in my store off 65% through the end of the month – both embroidery designs and quilt patterns. So if you see something you like now is a great time to grab it!

If anyone else has a birthday today, happy birthday – and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!


Until next week…

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    What a totally fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea that has so many possibilities!!!

  2. Gail Beam

    Thant is the cutest project and I can see it would make great birthday party favors for kids too. Thanks for sharing this fun project.


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