My Gift for D (AKA Thing #2)

by | Nov 14, 2019 | 30 comments

Greetings quilty friends! Today is my day to show what I have made for the Stitch It and Gift It Blog Hop hosted by sweet Carla from Creatin’ in the Sticks! Thanks Carla for making helping us get a head start on our Christmas gift stitching! It was just the push I needed to get myself in gear!

I have been thinking about making my twin grandsons (7) and granddaughter (10) quilts as part of their gifts this year. The girl will be getting a unicorn quilt which will be done using a panel and a lot of extra fabric. She has a twin size bed and the boys have full size beds. Thing #1 (older by one minute – and he doesn’t let his brother forget it!! LOL) is my fighting tiger, so I designed a tiger pattern for his bed using inspiration from my friend Marian at Seams to be Sew. You can see his at a later date!

Thing #2 loves everything panda! The child has at least 100 stuffed pandas in his room and closet – or at least it seems that way! And his goal in life at all the career days in school has been to be a “panda doctor.” Maybe one day he will – of course I told him he could NOT move to China!! LOL In addition to pandas, he loves the color green!

I searched for pattern everywhere and couldn’t find one I liked so I decided to just make up my own. I love working with EQ8!! It is a fantastic way to get my thoughts to paper and into a quilt!

I purchased two of the adorable Art Gallery Pandalicious fabrics from Bernie at Needle and Foot, and the third from Bella fabrics. The green and black are Moda Grunge, and those, along with the teal and gray, are from my LQS.

Everything came together pretty quickly once I started cutting. I made HSTs using both the 4 at a time and 8 at a time methods. I think next time I’ll just use my AccuQuilt Go!Big to cut out all those triangles! But I learned new methods and it was fun.

I got it put together and on the quilting frame. I even found two cute panda fabrics at Joann’s for backing and made the back in three sections. I usually buy wide backing, but decided to give this a go and was pleased with how it turned out.

Unfortunately, when I got the first row quilted and was beginning the second row, my hopping foot got hung in the edge of the fabric! I finally got the machine paused, but only after the needle had broken and there was a tear in the edge of the quilt. I was SICK!! But I decided to fussy cut a little panda and was able to add it to the edge while it was still on the longarm. That’s a first … and I hope a LAST!! It scared the bijeebies out of me! The needle made a bur on my foot plate, so I had to order another. In the meantime, I was able to sand it down with 320 grit sand paper so I could use it to finish the quilt.

You’ve seen the pattern, the pull, and the back, so without further ado, I present to you, Dalton’s Panda!

Dalton’s Panda (blowing in the wind!!)

78 x 88 inches
Fabrics: As above
Batting: Quilter’s Dream Poly Deluxe Loft (I love the loft of this batt!)
Pieced with: Aurifil gray
Quilted with: Glide gray 40 wt on top and Superior Threads Bottom Line in the bobbin.
Quilt Motif: Dave’s Bamboo from Urban Elementz

On a side note, little D-man was playing Monday at a trampoline place and broke his right ankle – and he wasn’t even jumping on a trampoline when it happened! His sweet older sister (10) picked him up and carried him to my daughter and son-in-law. The two of them are on the swim team at the Y, so they are very strong. They put him in a boot Monday night and sent him for an MRI yesterday. Today the news was he has to see an orthopedic surgeon because now they aren’t sure it’s broken, but he did tear a ligament so they are waiting for an appointment at Children’s to let them review the MRI and see what the next step is. He is a trooper and says he’s not in a lot of pain, which is very good. Please remember him in your prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. He was so sad because they have a swim meet Saturday and he won’t get to swim.

Thanks for stopping by today. Please visit my blogging friends who are presenting today and leave a sweet comment. We love to hear from you!

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Thursday, November 14th

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Have fun and get some great gift ideas on the hop. Until next time…

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  1. Bernie

    I love this! You did a wonderful job utilizing the main focus prints on the panda fabric and keeping the directional fabric going the right way. Not easy!! It turned out just so perfectly. Dalton will love it and it is your own unique design. Well done Gigi!!

  2. Susan

    You’re little panda turned out so cute! It would scare the daylights out of me if my machine got hung up to. But sounds like you saved the quilt, and I hope your machine is ok.

  3. Joy McDonald

    Awww so cute!!! Hope D heals quickly! xx

  4. selina

    What a sweet design. The quilt is wonderful

  5. Alycia Quilts

    That is an ADORABLE quilt!!! nad I am sure it will be loved – poor kiddo – Heal fast sweet one!!!

  6. Carol S.

    Dalton’s Panda is so cute and would definitely be a smile maker! I hope your grandson has a quick recovery!

  7. Barb K

    That is a great Panda quilt–hope your Grandson recovers quickly!

  8. Carol Andrews

    Brenda, Dalton’s Panda quilt is sweet! I hope he recovers soon and can get back to swimming!

  9. Danice

    So cute and pretty, Brenda. I love the panda!

  10. Sue D

    Wow–fabulous Panda quilt and prayers for healing for the ankle.

  11. LJ

    What a sweet, sweet quilt. Love the Panda and the panda backing fabric. Mistakes are just opportunities for creativity and you’re a queen of that – great idea!

  12. Charlene McCain

    Love your panda quilt and I know your grandson will love it! So sorry he was injured. Hope your grandson is up and swimming real soon.

  13. Theresa

    Dalton Panda quilt is darling. He is going to love it. Prayers for a speedy recovery for little D-man.

  14. Gail Beam

    Hi Brenda, Your panda quilt is Adorable and the panda head that you designed for the main section of the quilt is just Awesome. The panda fabric that you used for the quilt is so cute and I am sure Dalton is going to love it. Two of our grandsons are on a swim team and one of our granddaughters was on a swim team until she went to college, so I know how disappointed Dalton is about missing the meet this weekend. I hope his ankle gets better quickly so that he can compete in the upcoming swim meets and I will look forward to pictures of the next two quilts for your other two grandchildren.

  15. Denise :)

    Brenda, this is just the most darling quilt! I adore it!! Poor little man — injuries like that are no fun. I hope he’s feeling better soon! 🙂

  16. Roseanne

    Hi Brenda! I am so sorry to hear about Dalton possibly breaking his ankle. I know he’s disappointed about the swim meet, but I hope it’s not a big issue and can heal easily. I will certainly keep him in my prayers! I’ll just bet this panda quilt will help him heal and make him feel infinitely better. I’m guessing this is a Christmas gift, though. He will be SO surprised when he gets it and will be wrapped in your love. ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Your Panda quilt is adorable and he will totally love it!! I had to go back and try to figure out where your second pass would start to find where you had appliqued the panda over the tear!! You did a great job of saving this quilt. Praying D-man heals quickly and with no problems!!

  18. Wendy

    Cute quilt! Great for any Panda lovers!

  19. Colette

    Great quilt and he will be thrilled to receive it. Hope he heals quickly! Nothing tougher on kids, parents and grandparents than a kid not up to par.

  20. Carla Henton

    The perfect gift for your panda lover. Love the quilting on it too. Great save on the mishap, no one will ever know (well, except for all of us…) Thank you so much for sharing your process. I really enjoyed reading the story and hope D is better soon. Thanks for joining the hop!!

  21. Susan

    What an adorable panda!

  22. Stephanie

    I love your panda! Your grandson will love the original design that you came up with.

  23. Joan

    What a sweet quilt that someone special is going to love. Looks like foot/ankle problems are plaguing both of you. Sending my best that you both recover soon. Nice save on the quilt by the way!

  24. Karrin Hurd

    Great quilt. Hope he heals soon. I have grandchildren on the swim team also. You had more problems than I did quilting. I broke a needle and it was a second or two before I got it shut off. Then it broke another needle. Then started skipping stitches. It has been in the shop 2 weeks, hope to get it back real soon! Prayers for your grandson!

  25. Kaholly

    Pretty ambitious wife goals! Love the panda quilt.

  26. Melva Nolan

    Love the panda. Prayers for your grandson as he heals.

  27. Susie Parr

    Love the Panda quilt. So sorry he is unable to swim this weekend. Having had our two Boys who were swimmers I know how they are and I think I spent a lot of my time on the poolside supporting and helping, so much so that we are still helping even though our boys have now finished!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs, Susie

  28. Dorian

    You did a great job on your panda. I’m sure your Grandson will love it. Hope he feels better soon.

  29. Elizabeth Coughlin

    Dalton’s Panda is charming, and I’m sure your grandson will adore the quilt!


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