Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange

by | Dec 4, 2023 | 21 comments

Welcome to the first day – and my day! – of the Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange…and Christmas Blog Hop, hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt! I always look forward to this blog hop which Carol hosts each year. Carol and Joan, of Moosestash Quilting, host monthly blog hops and they are always fun, even though I don’t get to participate in all of them. Here is the schedule for 2024 that you can check out. Sign up for their blogs to keep up with what’s shaking!!

Our directive was to share a recipe and, if we want, our favorite holiday quilts, decorations, and traditions! First I’ll share my very favorite recipe! Here in the south one of our favorite cookies is the old fashioned tea cake. If you are unfamiliar with these cookies, they are similar to a short bread or sugar cookie, not too sweet, but taste wonderful. Plus, they can be cut and decorated just like your favorite sugar cookie. I prefer mine just plain! Here is the recipe.

Here are some in-the-hoop mug rugs I made for this blog hop. I’m kind of addicted to these rope mug rugs!!

Thanks for dropping by! Here is the schedule for today and the rest of the week! Be sure to hop on by and grab some great recipes and get some stitchy holiday inspiration!

Have a great week! Until next time…

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  1. Danice G

    Darling mug rugs, The tea cake recipe sounds great also. Mother loved tea cakes. Thank you for commenting on my project too. Happy holidays!

  2. joymcd305716439

    Wow, those rope mug rugs are amazing! First time I have seen them! Thanks for the recipe too 🙂 xx

  3. Sharon

    Cute mug rugs! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Elana

    What cute mug rugs!! I haven’t seen that kind of design before. The tea cakes look like sugar cookies. My mom makes something called Russian Tea Cakes and I wondered if they were those. Next year I”ll have to try making her recipe. Thanks for sharing. XOXO

  5. Anita L Jackson

    Please tell us more about both designs of your little rope mug rugs and of the Christmas sweater! I need both!!! I’ll be looking for them in somewhere computer world if you don’t. I love them!!! ohMyGoodness!

  6. piecefulwendy

    What a clever idea for a mug rug! The cookie recipe sounds good, too – bet they go well with coffee!

  7. Charlene McCain

    Adorable rope mug rugs! I have never seen those before. They are just too cute! Oh, and those cookies sound delicious! I will have to give them a try!

  8. Selina

    Oh Brenda I want to stop everything and make one or two or………. of those terrific rope mug rugs. Could I ask where you found those patterns, they are perfect.
    Well after that rush I do need to also let you know that the tea cookies sound great. I’m in to a more plain cookie with my cuppa.

  9. quiltinggail

    Love the rope mug rugs! I can see why they are addicting – they are sew cute!!!
    The cookies look delicious! 🙂

  10. lynn bourgeois

    I definitely want to try your tea cakes Brenda. It’s so much fun bringing a new flavour to the table. Rope rug mugs, a first view for me. Interesting, and really cute. Thanks for being here today

  11. Denise

    Oh my, these are adorable Brenda! Did you stitch the rope or purchase them?

  12. Karrin Hurd

    Adorable mug rugs, and the tea cake cookies look delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  13. Lj Meyers

    Tea Cake Cookies sound delicious – just the way I love cookies – not too sweet. Thank you. The mug rugs are absolutely wonderful, perfect is what I’d say. The designs you added were spot-on. You are a true artist.

  14. sewswift

    I can see why those rope mug rugs would be addicting…so cute! Did you do a post about how to make the rope background? The embroidery designs are amazing and now I need to check them out, too. You’ve got me intrigued, Brenda! With two cubes of butter, those cookies would just melt in your mouth I’m sure. I’m in for that! Thank you for being a part of so many years of the Virtual Cookie Exchange. It’s been fun having you play along. xo

  15. Julia

    Rope mug rugs?!? They look amazing and I have never heard of them before. Your recipe sounds delicious!

  16. Nettie Sews

    These rope mug rugs are adorable! Thank you for the recipe, it sounds delicious!

  17. Joan

    Ok, you have to tell me more about rope mugrugs! Now that my embroidery machine and I have made friends, I love playing with it. Those Tea cakes sound absolutely devine.

  18. texasquiltgal

    Yum, teacakes are so melt-in-your-mouth good! Thanks for the recipe. Those mug rugs are darling. I just watched a YouTube video for one – maybe those could be my first project for the used embroidery machine I bought months ago!

  19. Carol Kussart

    I see why you like those mug rugs–they are really cute! The teacake cookies look and sound wonderful too. Thanks for sharing!

  20. pinkernpunkin

    Well those mug rugs are cute as a Christmas button!!! Aunt Myra’s Teacake cookies sound so delicious Thank you so much for the recipe. I will be add those to my baking list.


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