Cat Head Biscuits

by | Feb 7, 2023 | 46 comments

What???!! Cat head biscuits?? More on that later! But first, welcome to day two of the Island Batik All Puffed Up Blog Hop! For February, Island Batik challenged the ambassadors to make puff quilts. I had seen them, but had never made one. There are other names for puff quilts, such as bubble quilts and biscuit quilts. I have had so much fun with this challenge! Today I am pleased to share my puff quilt with y’all!

There are several ways to make puff quilts. After reading tutorials and watching a lot of videos, I chose to make mine by the instructions provided in this video. I had so much fun deciding which fabrics would go where!! And, since February is my birthday month and Valentine’s Day (which happens to be my birthday!), I chose to make a puffy heart baby quilt. I can foresee this being a tummy time quilt with all the great textured puffiness!

The collection I was given to work with for this blog hop is called Broken Glass. It is a signature collection designed by Kathy Engle for Swan Sheridan of Swan Amity Studios! Each of the fabrics in this collection (20 different fabrics!) is absolutely gorgeous!

To get started, I used my AccuQuilt GO!Big cutter and my 5″ square die. In hindsight, I think I would probably use a larger die next time, to make stuffing a bit easier. At any rate, once I got everything cut I laid it out in EQ8! I love working in EQ8 and being able to add the exact fabrics I am using for my project.

I used all 20 fabric SKUs from this collection in this project. Most are used more than once. I also used the gorgeous pink foundation fabric called Shell. The foundation fabrics are available year round from your favorite quilt store carrying Island Batik fabric. The Broken Glass collection is Fall/Winter 2022 collection and should be shipping to quilt shops this month. So, be on the look out for these new lines you will be introduced to during this blog hop.

Before I show you my quilt, I’ll tell you why I named it Cat Head Biscuits. I grew up on a farm and we always had fresh and canned veggies and raised our own cows and pigs for food as well. My sweet Mama and Granny made biscuits They were just a staple at our house and my grandparents’ house. My grandparents had a little country store, where we would buy things like like four, cornmeal, etc. In the winter we would kill the hogs and dress them and Mama and Granny would make lard from the fat. None of the animal was wasted. Believe me, some of it still turns my stomach! LOL Most of the meat was cured and/or smoked. But, back to the lard…and biscuits! Mama made regular sized biscuits, but Granny made cat head biscuits. Honestly, they made them exactly the same, but Granny’s were so much bigger, thus the name cat head biscuits! They really were about the size of a cat’s head!! Mama and Granny had what I called a “biscuit pan.” Just a small dish pan that was specifically used for making biscuits. They were never rolled and cut. They just threw in the flour, some lard and some buttermilk and mixed everything up with their hands. Then they pinched them out and put them in the pan to cook. I guess Granny just pinched bigger than Mama! LOL I’m making myself hungry, so I’d better get on to the quilting part! Without further ado, I present Cat Head Biscuits! If you would like to know how to make some good ole’ southern cat head biscuits, here is a great recipe, and made just like Granny and Mama did!!

I would like to thank Island Batik for providing this gorgeous collection of fabrics for this blog hop. Island Batik fabrics are the BEST! I pieced this with my favorite thread Aurifil #50 weight in gray using a Schmetz 80/12 needle provided by Schmetz Needles. Here is the schedule for this week. I will post next week’s schedule over the weekend!

February 6

Emily Leachman, The Darling Dogwood

Sarah Pitcher, Pitcher’s Boutique

February 8

Elita Sharpe, Busy Needle Quilting

Reed Johnson, Blue Bear Quilts

February 7

Claudia Porter, Create with Claudia

Brenda Alburl, Songbird Designs You’re HERE!

February 9

Suzy Webster, Websterquilt

Preeti Harris, Sew Preeti Quilts

February 10

Blog Hop Round-Up Week 1 and Giveaway: Island Batik is giving away two fat quarter bundles this week. This giveaway ends on February, 10 at 11:59 pm PST. Two random winners will be notified by email on February, 11 and announced on the Island Batik Facebook page on February, 14. Please check your spam folders! If the winners do not respond within the first two days after being notified, two new random winners will be chosen and notified. Enter via the Raffle Copter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

But wait, there’s more!! I am giving away a set of 5″ squares from this fabric line. Just enter using the Raffle Copter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is a list of all the ambassadors who will be sharing throughout the month. They will be waiting for your visit!!

I hope you have enjoyed my tale of the cat head biscuits and my quilt! And I hope you will visit my fellow ambassadors throughout the month and see what fun projects they have created. Until next time…

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Renee

    Great blog Brenda, I like how you added the Blog Hop Schedule, and the cat head biscuit story was adorable!

  2. Preeti Harris

    The biscuits sound so yummy and your Puff Quilt makes my mouth water 😀
    I don’t know what to look at and what to eat. Have a fun Sunday, Brenda!

  3. Kathrie

    I will say that seeing a baby quilt made this method seem less intimidating. Nicely done.

  4. evi tsiapari

    beautiful heart!!!!

  5. Gwyned

    Seems there is always something I’ve missed in the quilting world. Thank you for introducing me to puff quilts.

  6. chrisknits

    Thanks for linking up with TGIFF today! Cute project.

  7. Pam

    I DO love this fabric! And Your quilt is just delightful. I also liked the Cat Head biscuits story! I’m an English teacher and I’m always trying to convince my students to include stories in their writing. They add so much color to everything. Thanks for a fun and inspiring post and for everything that you share.

  8. cshelleyqbq

    I love this line and colorway

  9. Laura

    Beautiful fabric collection! Having just made biscuits to go with some homemade squash soup, I thoroughly enjoyed your story! What a great way to grow up, and now I am feeling all nostalgic and warm inside! 🙂

    • Penny Guglielmoni

      I keep up with trends and new stuff by reading some informative social media and watching You tube.

  10. Andrée

    That’s a very cool puff quilt. Congrats!

  11. Julie Kennedy

    I love this fabric collection, and your heart/biscuit quilt is fantastic!

  12. Carol Andrews

    and now I need to go make biscuits. 😉

  13. Carol Andrews

    Brenda your Heart puffy quilt is a treasure. I love the collection and your creativity with it.

  14. Kathrie

    Love love love the heart inset. Very delightful and your heart pops right out.

  15. bgstoots

    I love your quilt! My MIL made the BEST Cat ahead Biscuits. She’s been gone for 23 years now. I miss her and her biscuits!

  16. TheGranChris

    It is a beautiful line. You did a wonderful job. Puff quilts are hard in my book.

  17. Beth T.

    Another great collection from Island Batik! I love how vibrant it is, and how varied the designs are.

  18. Melody Lutz

    Wow! That is gorgeous and just sizzles, love it. Those great colors are very beautiful and regulars in my projects.

  19. Diantha Howard

    I love this collection, like so many from Island Batik. The colors are gorgeous, and your quilt showcases them well!

  20. Sandy Allen

    I can see this collection being a good basic to use for backgrounds or when I need something without too many colors in it.

  21. Doreen S

    I do love this collection! Your heart quilt showcases all the beautiful colors.

  22. Doreen S

    Love your quilt! I keep up on new techniques mostly on email and blogs I get. Not into social media! Have enough local social. Ha Ha.

  23. Anorina Morris

    Your puffy quilt looks fabulous Brenda and I love the name. In Australia, biscuits are what you call cookies 🙂

  24. shadesofrandom

    I definitely love this collection! Cute story behind the name. I can see how it looks like biscuits.

  25. Julie Bailey

    Love the heart puff quilt design. I do like this fabric collection.

  26. lee

    The puffed heart quilt is so pretty!! Love this line of fabric!

  27. Dawn F.

    I do love this collection! But that’s a given, batiks are always amazing! Thanks for sharing your quilt. I love the design!

  28. quilterpt

    You did a great job with all the colors in this quilt. Looks challenging to make!

  29. Gail Sowin

    Love your quilt. Those colors are so vibrant.

  30. Kathleen McCormick

    I love this! I love the story of the cat biscuits, too! What a great memory of your mother and grandmother. And a very happy birthday month to you! Fun to be a valentine’s baby.

  31. Darlene B

    Great quilt! I’ve never seen a heart pattern in a puff quilt before!

  32. Teri c

    Love this colorful collection and your heart quilt.

  33. yoyopattycakeshotmailcom

    I love reading blogs with so many new ideas like yours! That’s how I try to keep up. Your little puff quilt is sweet. I can relate to the busy kitchen story as I grew up on a farm too!

  34. Denise

    It’s beautiful Brenda and I love your story. My grandparents owned a farm, my dad grew up there, with many stories to share. My grandfather once was struck by lightening on the old tractor.

  35. Susan MacLeod

    The broken glass collection is lovely. I enjoy your blog to keep up to date on current projects.

  36. Joyce Carter

    Good morning Brenda. Beautiful quilt and I absolutely love the fabrics in this collection!
    I grew up like you did. My parents grew everything for us to eat and raised animals for our meat. Although I didn’t have a grandmother, I can still remember Mama making her biscuits and they were fairly large. With lots of guys in the family, they were a staple to fill them up lol

  37. Susan MacLeod

    Hi Brenda, Love your puff quilt and the heart design you made. Have a Great birthday next week.

  38. Susan Green

    I love the collection! The colors are beautiful.

  39. quiltingtangent

    Pretty quilt. I like all the bright colors and wonderful patterns.

  40. Bonnie Larson

    I love your puff quilt. It is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

  41. Daryl

    That is a beautiful puff quilt Brenda! Love the heart! My mom made my sister a Biscuit Puff quilt when she was a teenager in pinks and greens. Back then it was all cut and sewn by hand, since there were no rotary cutters. I have never made any puff quilts myself. Happy Birthday Brenda!

  42. Gail Beam

    Hi Brenda, my mom used to make the best biscuits too, that she made from scratch, but with no recipe. I printed yours off, because it sounds like the way my mom made hers. I love the name of Cat Head Biscuits for your awesome quilt.

  43. Melisa- Pinker n Punkin Quilting

    Such a darling quilt, Brenda and I adore the story behind the name of it. Your Mama and Granny made biscuits like my Nanny. Like you we always had to have our biscuits and gravy.

  44. Cyndy Lipe

    Love the heart, the colors are beautiful.



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