Squirrel…or should I say Frog??!!

by | Oct 1, 2022 | 7 comments

Has one of your grandchildren ever asked you to make doll clothes? Well, our granddaughter did and that was great because I had some patterns for doll clothes! However, one of the twins, the younger of the two, by one minute, asked me last week when I picked him up in car line if I would make some clothes for his…wait for it… FROG!! Well, this GiGi has never made frog clothes but I told him since they were spending the night with us last night (Friday) that I would see what I could do.

How can anyone say no to this adorable face??!!! This GiGi cannot!!

I thought maybe he might forget, but not this boy! He comes Friday afternoon with frog snapped to his arm and placed it on my computer table where I was sitting! Let me preface this by saying that said frog is a back pack toy with arms that are made of snap bands. Did you ever play with those? I’ve even seen purses made from them, not to mention hair ties. I told him I would see what I could do today (Saturday morning).

So when he got up, while the Peeps was starting breakfast, I asked him to pick out some fabric he liked. Of course he picked green to go with the frog! After all, he said, it is a tree frog! I told him I had been thinking about it and would make froggy a vest if that was ok. He agreed. I should also mention when he was a baby, I called him my little frog! LOL He has always been into pandas, then switched to penguins, and now here’s the frog! We are finally coming full circle!

So I got started thinking just how I might make this frog a vest. Everything I tried made me realize I could not have sewn in sleeves and side seams as he wouldn’t be able to get it on those super long arms! Following breakfast, I called him back in my sewing room and after further consultation, I suggested leaving the sides open and tying it with a sash. I told him I would fringe the ends of the sash. He loved that idea and picked out some coordinating Island Batik fabric for the sash!! And here is my boy with his frog and clothes!

So this is the end of this squirrel tale, or rather, froggy adventure. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. quiltingtangent


  2. Joan

    That is just the cutest thing. I have never seen a snapband critter! You rose the occasion like a good GiGi and that look on his face says it all! Well done!

  3. StitchingGrandma

    Oh my gosh, I love it! You are the best grandma!! What a cute kid!!

  4. kathleenmcmusing

    Of course you couldn’t say no to that adorable boy! You did a great job with the frog clothes. Its amazing what we can do when one of our loved ones ask.

  5. Sharon

    What fun!

  6. Daryl

    It’s hard to resist when a grandchild ask you to make something. The vest came out great too.

  7. Gail Beam

    I am sure your grandson thanks you are a Grandma that rocks!! The vest is perfect and you let him pick out the fabric and included him on the decisions of what would make a good piece of clothing for his froggy. The vest turned out great and I can see that your grandson loved his newly dressed froggy.


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