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by | Apr 14, 2020 | 10 comments

Wow, it’s been three weeks since I’ve posted, but there’s a good reason for that! Unfortunately, I have had a really bad bout of sciatica and developed shingles! Doc said they were probably caused by stress from the pain of the sciatica. Whatever caused them, I’ll be glad when they are gone. I was on antivirals, pain meds, and muscle relaxers for all of this. Thankfully, I still have some pain meds that I take at night to try to rest. I can tell you, I hope none of you ever have shingles. This has been the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt. The worst is over, but I have a little still, and have a lot of numbness and burning along my sciatic nerve, around my abdomen and half way down my leg. So, I really haven’t felt like doing a lot of anything. I have very low energy and when I try to do something I do it slowly and deliberately and then rest! At any rate, I will be SO SEW happy when all of this is over. What good is being confined to home if you can’t do what you enjoy?

Toward the end of last week, I was able to make some masks, over several days, for my hubby who does our shopping, and my daughter and her family. And here they are! Have you made any masks?

SmartNeedle has been giving free in-the-hoop masks out. When I made these there were three, a kitty, a bear and a dog. There are a few more now. So to keep it fun for the kids, check them out.

Madelyn’s pink kitty, Dalton’s green kitty, and Braden’s orange dog!!

My hubby looked through my stash and found this spiderweb fabric and wanted his made from it!

And given a few choices, my daughter and SIL chose these. She got to visit Paris as part of a student ambassador trip when she was going into her junior year of high school, so I knew she would chose this Eiffel Tower fabric. My silly SIL said he just wanted “tuberculosis red!” I have no idea what that color is, but I had red, so red it was!!

I used Leah Day’s pattern and added my own twist with nonwoven interfacing and an extra pocket for a HEPA filter, which is what my daughter wanted. So they now all have masks. I don’t have one yet, because I don’t plan on getting out until more of this pain goes away. I will make me one when I do.

So now on to my goals for this week. It actually feels good to set some goals and not just “survive” the week!

  1. Trim and bind Thing #1’s Christmas quilt (as she hangs her head in shame!!)
  2. Make labels for both Thing 1 and Thing 2’s quilts, apply them, wash them, and have them ready for kids when I get to see them again (can I just say GiGi is having kiddo withdrawals?!!)
  3. Press and square up panels for our guild’s panel challenge, due in June. I’ve read the instructions for the pattern through twice, so I think I’m ready to go!

I think that will keep me busy for the week. Though it’s a bad reason, I’m very glad to have my DH working from home – at least as long as our Stay-at-Home declaration is intact. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Bless him – he is definitely a Godsend!

I hope you are all safe and healthy and spending some quality time in your sewing/quilting room(s). Today, I’m linking up with HomeSewn by Us’s To-Do Linky Tuesday and my friend Dione at The Clever Chameleon. Until next time…

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  1. Dione Gardner-Stephen

    Oh no, sorry to hear how unwell you have been. Shingles is awful, and sciatica is not much better. I hope you will finish healing really quickly now Great job on all your personalised masks, I am glad you could have a little fun with them. Thanks for linking to Colour & Inspiration Tuesday.

  2. Gail Beam

    Hi Brenda, Sorry to hear you are suffering from shingles. I had shingles a couple of years ago and it is not a fun thing to have. Luckily, mine was more confined on my body than when my sister had it, and I think because I had had the first shingles shot, mine was not as severe as other people who I have know who have had shingles., My husband and I have both had the second shingles shot now, so hopefully, I won’t get them again.
    Love your masks! They are fabulous!

  3. Lea Jones

    Have you had the new Shingles shot. It is a series of two shots sometime apart. My husband had shingles so I know how much pain you can have and uncomfortable you can be. They used to say that if you had Shingles you didn’t need the shot, but that is not true any more. The shots do not prevent you from getting the shingles, but it can lesson the severity and the pain. Check with your doctor. My husband and I have both had both of the shots now. Your insurance might pay for the shots, but either way it is worth it.

  4. Nancy Bauman

    Get the shots so you don’t have a recurrence. I had it once and never want to go thru that again, so i did.

  5. Barb N

    Goodness, shingles is horrid. Glad you are on the mend and taking care of yourself. Your face masks are adorable. Wish I had one with whiskers, lol!

  6. Nancy Angerer

    So sorry about the pain you are experiencing. Your masks are so cute. I have been making masks also for friends and family. Our youngest daughter works in an ER in VA, so I sent her 10 masks when this first began. Now she wants me to make her head coverings. I found a pattern, but she wants me to use a toggle with the elastic. Have the toggles ordered, but am going to have to figure out how to use one with the pattern that I have. Life gets very interesting sometimes. Our granddaughter is with us because her university closed, and will be with us until it is safe for her to fly home. In the meantime she is finishing the semester on line. And I am totally enjoying have her here.

  7. sharon gullikson

    I’m sorry that you have had such trouble. I have had sciatica for about 13 years—I didn’t know that if you take care of it right away, it can go away…..I didn’t go to the doctor or anything. So please see what you can do about it so it doesn’t stay with you the rest of your life!!!!
    Although the masks are cute, I am SO OVER this whole hysteria, I could scream. I’m sure that you will inspire people to make some of their own, but I want to never have to think of this hysteria again. Sigh. Big time sigh….just about every FB post, IG post, Blog post, email, etc. mentions it, and I’m so sick of it (no pun intended, believe me).

  8. Karla Brown

    Your embroidered masks are super cute! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  9. Sharon

    What fun masks! I’m sorry to hear about your ailments. My sweet daughter had shingles at age 14. Very painful. So sorry you are experiencing that and sciatica, Hope you heal quickly.

  10. Roseanne

    Hi Brenda! This is funny – I used Leah Day’s basic pattern and modified it a bit as well. I am so sorry to hear about your shingles and sciatica. Good grief. One is painful enough on its own let alone in combination with each other. Gosh – I hope they are both gone for good soon. I love the embroidered masks! So cute and very individualized just perfectly. Don’t hang your head in shame – you are going to be early for Christmas 2020. It’s just 254 days away. Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne


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